Rock Gear top Installation

I installed my new Rock Gear fastback top in about 2 hours.
I had to make 1 call to the company to clarify one instruction and I had help for the final phase of the install.

My 86 CJ7 had a hard top and there are indications it once had a snap-attachment soft top (there are holes in the tub sides).

I looked at several soft tops and decided ont he Rock Gear because it requires no internal hardware (struts, stays, rods, etc) and would not interfere with my full cage.  Also I could wheel with it on and not bend up any parts if I hit trees.

The CJ Kit comes with 2 side rails (for the rear of the tub) , 2 footman loops for the rear straps, a long piece of velcro for the tailgate and several snaps.    I got the rails installed, found my old windshield channel and reattached it. Now it was tiem to set up the top.  I enlisted Roscoe to help me in this venture. It streteched easily over the cage and attached to the channel and then we hooked the rear straps into place.  Now we tucked the sides into the tub channel and adjusted the various straps to tightne the whole thing up before we drilled and set the 8 snaps.   Roscoe stretched the corners and I marked and drilled them.  The top went on easily.

It looks great and when I get doors it will be pretty rain proof.  The best part is this goes from being  a full top to a bikini top in minutes.

Here are a few pictures:

Rear view open        Side view 'Bikini style'

Rear closed         Side full top    

Its a pretty nice top..