Jumar Kitty Staiman
Sept 1988 - June 2003
 Rest in Peace

Jumar's Story 

                                                                      Jumar Kitty Staiman R.I.P.
We loved our mommy!! This is the whole family.. ok I don't know where Dad got off to. Maybe he is hunting for mice.  See I'm the Biggest Kitty!!!

Jumar when we first met 1988 Sept

Jumar Kitty and her sisters (I'm the cue one in the middle!!  Will this big tall (cute) guy put us back down so we can play!!!)

Jumar was Born in the warm summer of 1988 on the Artz farm in Woodstock Virginia.    At Pig Roast in September I saw the kittens and just had to get one for me . and for Suzanne (who missed Killer. her cat)  How did I choose the little gray one.. she looked cute.  I sent her off with Suzanne . in a shopping bag.  Jumar was always a bag kitty. She loved to sit in shopping bags and boxes.  She began her career of NOT liking car rides on that trip. She threw up on the ride back to Harrisonburg.  Her time in Harrisonburg was short but eventfull.  She discovered that the pull strings on the blinds were great playtoys, and somewhat eatable.  She also earned her name by climbing up curtins, tablecloths, sheets, etc.  Jumar was a Great Pouncer.  She would do the Bounce Pounce!! Jump straight up in the air and land on whatever she was hunting (toys, balls of foil, any exposed toes). Then be so startled that she would pop back up and run away.
The housemates were not exactly thrilled with the kitten but they tolerated her.  

Here I come DADDY!!!   

                                                                                              Hi Daddy!! Here I come .. Aren't I CUTE!!!

By November she  had a new home.  Suzanne's car broke down so Jumar took the bus to see Daddy for his birthday.  Suzane took a box and put in a tiny litter tray on 1 side and a bit of bedding on the other side.  Needless to say Jumar did NOT stay in her box.. But everybody on the bus loved her.  She ended up staying in Springfield with her daddy Alan, and her soon to be parents Fran & Bob.  

I Just LOVE daddys Shag rug!

                     Gee Daddy, This is cool carpet, but can't you put your boots away?
Jumar made many weekend trips to JMU while Suzanne was in college.  He really liked the nice warm waterbed.

Water beds are fun!
I love everybody!!!.. and I'm Still the cutest cat in the land :)

I like Alan's Loft bed

                                                                                                                                    Alan, I Love that wallpaper, but will you EVER get out of the 70's?

Here Jumar lived for several years with Mom & Dad& Alan.  In 1990 Alan moved out ... but Juamr decided to stay with her mommy & daddy. They moved to her next house and also introduced her to grand kids.  She was tolerant at best of the kids but she never attacked them. Hissing was fine but she never bit anyone.

In 2003 she developed skin tumors. While these would not be fatal themselves they were annoying to her, and painfull.  She did her best to be her usual kitty self but soon it became clear that she was uncomfortable and not happy.  On June 10, 2003 she went to sleep for the last time. She had used her 9 lives to the fullest. Had lived for 15 years in happiness and love and brought a great deal of love and joy to everybody she met.
Jumar We all will miss you.

Alan & Harley & Rubi